Shawnee Benton

Shawnee Benton Gibson, LMSW / FDLC, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Spirit of A Woman (S.O.W.) Leadership Development Institute an organization established in 2002 and designed to educate, elevate and effect positive and sustainable transformation in the lives of individuals, groups, families and communities.

Under Shawnee's leadership and vision, S.O.W. offers innovative coaching, counseling, workshop and training experiences to individuals, groups and organizations seeking to expand their power, purpose and impact in the world. Ms. Benton Gibson is a graduate of New York University’s Silver School of Social work and is a licensed practitioner with over 25 years of professional experience in the areas of substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery, adolescent development, individual, family and group counseling, women’s health, birth equity, social justice, grief, loss, bereavement and trauma. Ms. Benton-Gibson has devoted her life to supporting individuals, families and groups with elevating the outcomes in their personal and professional lives and utilizes her professional training, spiritual and artistic gifts  to provide holistic and nourishing healing experiences to the persons that she is charged to serve and support.

Shawnee is a master teacher, trainer, healer, vision coach, performance artist, inspirational speaker, mother and friend.  Her principle teaching and healing tools consist of spiritual counseling, coaching, writing, sacred rituals, psychodrama, sociometry, energy work, the performing arts and storytelling as mediums to ignite transformation and initiate catharsis.

Some of her credits include: “The Red Thread Movement”, “Mother Wit: Echoes From The Womb”, “The Mother Wit Conference”, “The Rooftop Visionary Group” and the “Be The Tree Rites of Passage Collective for Women” and “The Walk In the Light With Me 21-Day Ritual”. Shawnee is a member and leader of Big Apple Playback Theater, an internationally known, professional improv company based in New York City. She is also an author of a book on healing and transformation entitled, "Walk In The Light With Me"; an autobiographical piece offering tools to those seeking to overcome the shadows of life to activate their purpose on the planet. According to Shawnee, healing work is "a labor of love and liberation".